Welcome to the Family

There is much more to the player identification game than just statistics. We are always looking for players who strive to be more than just a number, size, or statistical performances. We look for players of exceptional character that want to get the most from their hockey experience.”

Regardless of the league, whether its BCHL, USHL, NAHL, or pay-to-play, we ensure that our Heisler Hockey Family gets the most out of every aspect of their hockey careers on and off the ice.

By having a very close relationship with JuniorHockey.com and its affiliates, us and you have an unprecedented drive to deliver on the promise of exposure.

Stephen Heisler

With a lifetime lived in the game of hockey, Stephen Heisler has spent the last ten years working directly with leagues, teams, and coaches, to give players their most preeminent opportunities. Now he uses that network to open doors for his clients.

Heisler aims to treat every player, parent, and coach like his own family member. He is always taking the steps needed to make the futures of those around him more successful.  Stephen gives his clients the same advice he would give to his children, because to him, the players are his family.

He is a family oriented man with a team of four children and a beautiful co-coach he calls his wife. Heisler enjoys traveling to the beach to put his feet in the sand and watching his his family grow.