Victorious Futures: November 17th

Mike Moore, 11.17.2022

Welcome to Victorious Futures -our weekly update of players who have selected the Victorious Hockey Company to collaborate with them in the pursuit of advancing their hockey careers to the next level. Our goal is to help each prospect achieve his individual goals by continually monitoring and sharing their progress in both play and conditioning. This is where one can learn about our players’ most recent achievements, both on and off the ice, first-hand. 

Each week our clients are tasked with the simple charge of providing an update to their progress. We invite you to follow their development here.

Cassidy Kittredge 

2007   Goalie

South Hills Panthers 15O AAA

We had the weekend off so I lifted heavy on Thursday instead of recovery. I PR-ed on BB Bench press, 115 lbs. I also got all my homework done until Tuesday of this week and studied for a test on Thursday.      

TOTAL: 12GP 2.21GAA, .915SV%, 8-4 record 

Kento Sanchez 

2006   Forward   

Colorado Rampage 16u AAA  

This last weekend we had a double header against the Thunderbirds and I thought I was doing a good job of being a guy that can guarantee the out and help generate offense for the team and being a playmaker. I was also focusing a lot on trying to pick up teammates and be a good team guy overall.  

WEEK: 2GP, 0G, 2A, 2PT / TOTAL: 23GP, 3G, 7A, 10PT

Aidan Nelson    

2004   Forward   

New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs, USPHL  

This weekend we had two games against the Jr Bruins, coming out 1-1. Focused on implementing our systems in this weekend’s games, and worked out for the first game. Came out with lots of opportunities and a nice goal. Up next Maine Nordiques national on Tuesday.

WEEK: 2GP, 1G, 0A, 0PT / TOTAL: 33GP, 9G, 16A, 25PT.

Alexey Korobko

2005   Defenseman

Northwest Stars, NAPHL

We played at the NAPHL Dallas Showcase. We went 2/2. I had an assist each game in the first two games. Both were zone entrance passes into a goal. We lost a few games we shouldn’t have lost but +- wise I was positive this weekend. I got a few hits in on the boards and open ice. We had a game that we dominated where I worked on developing plays during my puck possessions.  

WEEK: 4GP, 0G, 2A, 2PT / TOTAL: 19GP, 0G, 6A, 6PT

Carson Shafor  

2005   Forward   

Colorado thunderbirds 18u, T1EHL    

This last week was a good weekend showing for the team as well as personal performance. I personally spent a lot of time in the gym, working on agility and strength. A lot of my time this week was focusing on working with poise, while still being first on-puck. And always being a step ahead of the play.  

WEEK: 2GP, 1G, 0A / TOTAL: 20GP, 6G, 6A 12PT

Cale Nahorney  

2004   Defenseman

Chase Heat, KIJHL 

Working with a development coach on my mindset. Goals are demonstrating patience, vision and unselfish play.  I put these mindsets to practice last week, and despite a brutal loss and a solid win, I feel good about where I am moving in the game.

WEEK: 2GP, OG, OA / TOTAL: 16GP 1G, 6A, 7PT

Ayvin Eidsness 

2004   Goalie

Wenatchee u18 Wild    

This past week we got the chance to play the USA women’s national team. Since we didn’t have any games, it was a good chance to push myself in the weight room this week. This week in practice I am working on keeping my stick down and reflecting rebounds into the corners. 

TOTAL: 13GP  3.0GAA, .908SV%, 8-3 record

Dawson Williams  

2006   Forward   

Orange Lutheran Varsity USHS-CA   

This weekend we had our annual trip to San Jose. We had 3 games playing 2 different teams and our games were all quite tough, not the walk-overs we were expecting, which I kind of liked as no-one gets anything out of mercy rule games. I feel I played really well and had several opportunities but just couldn’t capitalize on them. We still had a great weekend winning two out of the three games, losing the third by one goal.   

WEEK: 3GP 0G, 1A, 1PT / TOTAL: 13GP 8G, 11A, 19PT

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