Victorious Futures: October 27

By Michael Moore

Welcome to Victorious Futures -our weekly update of players who have selected the Victorious Hockey Company to collaborate with them in the pursuit of advancing their hockey careers to the next level. Our goal is to help each prospect achieve his individual goals by continually monitoring and sharing their progress in both play and conditioning. This is where one can learn about our players’ most recent achievements, both on and off the ice, first-hand. 

Each week our clients are tasked with the simple charge of providing an update to their progress. We invite you to follow their development here.

Cassidy Kittredge

2007 Goalie

South Hills Panthers 15O AAA

This weekend I went to the CCM Motown tournament in Detroit, MI with my team. We were in the highest division and finished 1-2-1 on the weekend against some top talent from the US and Canada. It wasn’t our best weekend but I thought we played well and continued to gel as a team. In preparation for this weekend, I took a test early (because I would’ve missed it otherwise) and got a 100% on it. I also focused on recovery before the weekend and it helped me play my best. 

WEEK: 2GP 2.50GAA, .906SV%, 0-2 record / TOTAL: 10GP 2.33GAA, .918SV%, 6-4 record

Vaughn Pongonis

2005 Forward

Wenatchee Wild 18U Tier 1 AAA

This week our team went 1-1. I had a couple of chances but was not able to score. Made lots of good plays and was able to get the puck out of our zone when needed.

WEEK: 2GP 0G, 0A, 0PT/ TOTAL: 16 GP 4G, 4A, 8PT

Alexey Korobko

2005 Defenseman

Northwest Stars 18u, NAPHL

We played two games this weekend. We lost our away game. We didn’t get many chances on offense because our team had 48 PIM that game. I got a lot of time on the PK. That game we didn’t let any goals in on the PK but we still lost 2-0. We played the same team at home with little to no penalties and won 5-1. I went +3 this weekend and didn’t let any in our net this weekend with my line.

WEEK: 2GP,  0G, 1A / TOTAL: 15GP, 0G, 4A, 4PT

Nick Maronna

2005 Defenseman

Valor Christian Varsity, USHS-CO

“This past week we beat our division rival in OT for first place in our fall league(CPHL). During this game we took 9 penalties but due to my contribution on the PK we didn’t give any goals while on the PK. Offensively I contributed by getting an assist. 

This week I plan to continue to practice hard for our two remaining games of the CPHL season that are this weekend so that we continue to be the #1 seed.”

WEEK: 1GP, 0G, 1A, 1PT / TOTAL: 16GP, 7G, 10A, 17PT

Dawson Williams

2006 Forward

Orange Lutheran Varsity USHS-CA

We had a lot of players away this week and as a team it was tough to compete. Thinking back on my individual play, I think I had two good games even though the scoreboard didn’t reflect it. Had a lot of practice, approx. 9 hours on ice and off ice we’ve started using software to plan our workouts, track progress and PBs etc.

WEEK: 2GP 0G, 1A, 1PT / TOTAL 7GP 3G, 5A, 8PT

Kento Sanchez

2006 Forward

Colorado Rampage 16u AAA

This past weekend we traveled to St. Louis for the Tier 1 Showcase. I had a very consistent weekend and was a big contributor to the team not really in points but by playing roles and working hard to try to help the team win. I was good on the forecheck and backcheck and helped my team get in important situations.

WEEK: 4GP, 0G, 2A, 2PT / TOTAL: 14GP, 3G, 3A, 6PT

Jordan Stange

2008 Forward

Sioux Falls Power

Because most of my teammates live in MN, I practice with the 15O Sioux Falls Power team during the week. Practicing with older players has paid off in games recently. I have learned to make decisions quicker and play more physically. I had a goal and 2 assists from the 2 games we played against the Woodbury Bantam AA team this past weekend.

WEEK: 2GP, 1G 2A / TOTAL: 17GP, 3G 7A

Aiden Owen

2005 Defenseman

Valor Christian Varsity, USHS-CO

We had a game against our rival and I played really well. I ended plus two on the night, and directly led to our second goal. I got the puck below our goal line, started skating but noticed I didn’t have much room to skate, so I flipped the puck into the air towards their defenseman. It landed at his feet so he couldn’t handle it and our forwards took it from him and scored. I also started in overtime and I led a rush into the zone, dropped the puck to my teammate and led the defenseman to the net so my teammate had a clear shot. He didn’t score, and then I faced a one-on-one back into our zone and blocked the shot, and we got the puck and scored on the rush.

WEEK: 1GP, 0G, 0A, OPT / TOTAL: 15GP, 6G, 12A, 18PT

Ayvin Eidsness

2004 Goalie

Wenatchee Wolves

This past weekend we played the Seattle North Stars for our first state game. I got my first shutout this year with a 2-0 win. I worked a lot on rebound control and putting pucks in the corner with my stick last week, as well as sliding and being on angle with back door shots which lead to the shut out.

10GP, 1.73GAA, .923%, 5-3 record

At the Victorious Hockey company we do not represent hockey players. We represent more. Our players are individually selected because they represent the epitome of excellence in character, academics and talent. If you wish to learn more about a player listed here or perhaps you feel you have what it takes to make an impact as a Victorious player, then please contact Mike Moore at or 843.290.5151. 

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