BCHL Coaches’ Notes

By Tomas Heisler

We are asking British Columbia Hockey League coaches a different question each week. In this series, coaches get to tell you exactly what they are thinking about their teams’ progression each week.

We are starting off kind of slow, and are hoping this weekly feature really catches on.

BCHL coaches were asked this question: How do you feel about the start of the season and what does your team have to do to claim the championship?

Jason McKee, Head Coach of the Vernon Vipers: We were hoping for a better start (results wise) but we have a lot of new faces and are working through creating an identity for our team and how we have to play.  We need to focus on the the things we can control which will result in more consistent results.

Fred Harbinson, Head Coach of the Peniticton Vees: Obviously with 14 players returning from a championship; we have had an advantage early in this season.

Our players have come back with the mindset that every day is a new challenge and are committed to working hard not to just on game night but each and every day they come to the rink.

We have been fortunate to win with different styles of teams over my time in Penticton, but one constant that has always been in the forefront of the Vees teams that have raised the Fred Page Cup; the players focused on the NOW not the NHL draft, not the NCAA but they concentrated on giving everything back to this program and this city; it will have to be the same in 22/23 if we want the opportunity to repeat.

Rylan Ferster, Head Coach of the Victoria Grizzlies: Its early to tell for us we are still getting to know the players and vice versa. Coming in new that’s what usually happens. We have had some good spots in games thus far and still have a long way to go. We like the group early on though. We have tried to instill that it’s about the process.